Birdwatching in Haapsalu

Birdwatching in Haapsalu

At our hotel, we take great pride in providing a warm welcome to every guest. We always enjoy engaging in conversation to learn more about our guests and their reasons for choosing Haapsalu and Promenaadi Hotel as their destination.

One of our regular guests, Silke, has been visiting Haapsalu for years. Her favourite times to visit are early spring and late autumn when Läänemaa and Haapsalu become a mecca for nature tourists and photographers. The abundance of different bird species in such a small area is just one of the many reasons to visit Haapsalu.

  1. Could you share how your interest in photographing living nature began?

Living in rural Wales you are in the middle of nature (the same as in and around Haapsalu) and I just found that it took my mind of work and any worries to look at nature and learn photography.

  1. How did you find out about Haapsalu?

Estonia and the Haapsalu are a well known destination amongst birdwatchers in the UK, especially for spring and autumn migration, I think the country is on every birdwatchers wish list for travelling.

  1. When is the best time to come to Haapsalu for photographing the birds?

Any time of the year has something interesting to offer, but during spring and autumn migration the variety of birds that can be seen is even bigger.

  1. Where are your favourite spots in and around Haapsalu?

I couldn’t really specify any particular spots, the town itself is beautiful and full of wildlife and so is the landscape around it. Estonia is so rich in nature, the forests and coastal areas have so much to offer.

  1. How to make Haapsalu a more attractive place for nature tourists?

I would say Haapsalu is a very attractive area for nature enthusiasts already. From your hotel’s point of view offering early breakfasts or breakfast and lunch parcels to take out could be popular, birdwatchers want to be out and about at first light.

All my best wishes for a successful season for you, I hope to be visiting again soon! Silke

From our sea-view rooms there is a best sighting to the sea. In spring time you can spot a swan family nesting in rushes. Come and see yourself.