British band JUNGLE will perform in Haapsalu 11th June

British band JUNGLE will perform in Haapsalu 11th June
The popular British band JUNGLE will perform in Haapsalu in the summer!

8 Days A Week agency is once again very pleased to announce wonderful news! British band JUNGLE, who last performed in Tallinn in May 2022, will give an outdoor concert in Haapsalu Castle on June 11.

The British publication Independent wrote about their new album "Volcano" in August 2023: "it's playful, ultra-cool and the trendiest album of 2023". The Evening Standard added that "You'll enjoy their music as easily as a cold drink on a hot summer's day".

JUNGLE music is suitable for any room and season, but especially for summer outdoor concerts. Their big sound is suitable for those who want to stay true to disco, as well as those who are looking for something intelligent in their music. They have something between Chic and Daft Punk, dreamy electronica and 70s funk.

Listening to JUNGLE music is impossible not to move. Their energy is infectious, captivating and engaging. Complete relaxation. Choreography is a hallmark of JUNGLE and the core of their universe. This is evident in every music video and live performance where dance, music and visual aesthetics come together. "Dance is the most instinctive way for people to respond to music. It's the most powerful art form," they keep repeating. Watching JUNGLE perform, it feels like we're the characters in their music video.

JUNGLE is made up of Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland - lifelong friends from Shepherd's Bush, London. Their self-titled debut album became an instant classic, earning a Mercury Prize nomination. The following albums "For Ever" and "Loving In Stereo" only increased their success - to date, their music has been listened to over a billion times on streaming platforms.

Another outstanding music event awaits us, an impeccable JUNGLE concert and plenty of quality. Mark the date of this concert in red on your calendar - all roads lead to Haapsalu on June 11, 2024.

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